On the birth anniversary of Dhanpat Rai Srivastava “Munshi Premchand” today 31 July, Ratna Sagar pays tribute to the legendary Indian writer. He was known as Upanyas Samrat (Emperor among Novelists) for giving the world immortal pieces of Hindustani literature.

Ratna Sagar brings you a classic collection of timeless stories by Upanyas Samrat. Deeply rooted in social realism, these stories are a poignant window to the lives of ordinary people, and the raging national and socio-religious issues against the backdrop of colonialism and India’s freedom movement. Witty, humorous, incisive and satirical, the stories will touch your heart with their simplicity and empathetic voice.

Premchand Selected Stories

An English translation of some of the finest of Premchand’s stories. The stories take the reader into the lives of the rural folk of India and evoke a sense of common humanity. Beautifully illustrated by a leading Indian children’s illustrator.


Godan is one of Premchand’s most famous novels. It has become a classic of Indian literature as it portrays the life of an indian peasant in great depth and with a lot of sensitivity. It takes us deep inside the traditions, thoughts and travails of millions of Indian peasants. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to experience India as it used to be before its independence.

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