Hindi Storybooks for Children

Stories hold a special place in everyone’s heart, don’t they?  At some point we’ve all shared tales, imagining ourselves as storytellers. Whether spun by our elders, learned in school, or discovered in the pages of books, stories stay with us for longer than we can imagine. 

To kindle your inner storyteller instincts again, Ratna Sagar brings you a collection of heartwarming stories in the form of books. This time, we have Hindi storybooks that explore a variety of topics. Here is a little about two of our Hindi storybooks for children.

“Katha Ratna” – Supplementary Book Series(1-5)

“Katha Ratna” is a treasure trove of some heard and some unheard stories. These tales have been an integral part of our rich oral tradition, passed down through generations for centuries. Born hundreds of years ago, these stories transcend the boundaries of time and place and remain relevant even today.

Adorned with vibrant illustrations, these stories are compiled in the form of a supplementary book series. At the end of each story, intriguing questions are provided as exercises, encouraging children to think and do more after reading the stories.

We believe that through these books, children’s sensitivity and proficiency in language will undoubtedly increase, and a growing interest in literature will also be nurtured within them.

“Phulwari” (6-8)

The Phulwari book series has been prepared after careful thought and examination. In these books, compositions from every region, era, and genre have been woven together in a way that children can glimpse the entirety of Hindi literature.

The language and grammar-related questions are based on the latest curriculum of NCERT. These questions are presented in a manner that instills enthusiasm in children to learn a language and helps in developing their knowledge of grammar. Activities like exploration and assignments provide children with direction and encouragement to venture beyond the lessons into the world of knowledge and creativity.

Through activities like “Khojbeen” (exploration) and “Ab Karne Ki Bari” (time to do), children will receive direction and motivation to soar into the world of knowledge and creativity beyond the curriculum. With the help of “Tumhari Kalam Se” (through your pen), children will practice writing in Hindi, bringing refinement to their expression.

Attractive illustrations accompanying the lessons will keep the children’s interest in reading alive. Explore some here. 

Ratna Sagar’s collection of Hindi stories, comprising the enchanting “Katha Ratna” and insightful “Phulwari” series, offers a gateway to a rich literary experience for children. To foster a love for stories and ensure a holistic learning experience, gift your children these captivating books and provide them with a journey that sparks imagination and fuels a lifelong passion for learning.

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