Moral Short Stories for Kids In English

Hey story lovers! Welcome to the land of stories. We have brought five fantastic moral short stories for kids. They are going to take you on an amazing ride through your world of imagination. But, remember, every story has something for you to learn. Take the morals and craft your own stories, won’t you? 

Let’s dive into the short stories for kids in English.

1. The Ant and the Grasshopper

In a pleasant grassland, there were two buddies – Andy, the ant and Gary, the grasshopper. Andy loved to work hard. It woke up early and collected food and saved tiny treats for the winter. But Gary was lazy. It preferred to sing and dance, enjoying the sunny days without a care. When winter finally came, Andy was ready with his cozy stash of snacks. It was going to enjoy the rain while munching on the treats.  But Gary’s pantry was empty. It had no food, and the rains made it difficult for him to go out and look for food. With a chilly breeze and a growling tummy, Gary hopped over to Andy for help. Andy, being a wise ant, shared some of his treats with Gary, teaching him that a little hard work and planning can make life warmer, even in the coldest seasons. 

2. The Birds Flew Together

In a lively forest, a group of birds was caught by a hunter’s trap. Worried, the birds panicked. They huddled together and started crying. 

The wise old owl, Oliver encouraged them to unite. Determined, the birds worked together, pecking and fluttering. With a collective effort, they broke free, soaring into the sky. The forest rejoiced, and the birds’ unity became an inspiring tale of triumph, teaching all creatures that teamwork can turn challenges into victories.

3. Luna’s Lesson on Patience

In a lively garden, a tiny caterpillar named Luna dreamt of exploring beyond her cozy leaf. 

Each day, Luna chewed the leaves and grew bigger and bigger, until one sunny day, she felt a magical urge to spin a snug cocoon. 

Inside the cocoon, worry gripped Luna- had she made a mistake?

She grew impatient. She wanted to tear the cocoon apart and come out and roam around.  Little did Luna know that a magical transformation was unfolding within the cocoon.

One morning, when Luna woke up from sleep, she found herself bathed in pink and orange hues. She had tiny wings that unfolded like a parachute, and two long antennae that looked like a crown. Luna had turned into a graceful butterfly. It was at this moment, she realized that her worry was needless; patience had gifted her wings.

4. Diana’s Victory 

In a friendly forest animals of all shapes and sizes lived together.

In the same forest there was a little deer named Diana. Despite being kind and gentle, none of the other animals liked her. 

They all boasted about their unique qualities but often undermined Diana’s skill of running fast. Poor Diana felt lonely and started to believe that maybe it was good for nothing.

One sunny day, the annual sports event buzzed with excitement in the forest. All the animals geared up for various competitions.

However, Diana sat alone, feeling sad and left out. Just as the events were about to start, Diana’s old aunt, a wise and caring deer, approached. She saw the sadness in Diana’s eyes and encouraged her to participate in the running race. “You might surprise everyone, dear Diana,” she said with a reassuring smile. With a newfound spark of hope, Diana joined the race. 

To the astonishment of everyone, Diana zoomed past the finish line, winning the race and receiving a shiny award. All the animals cheered and clapped.

 They realized that every creature, no matter how small, possesses unique talents.

5. The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Once, the animals of a forest decided to have a fair. Many activities were planned- fancy dress, egg race, sack race and much more. 

Everyone was busy getting ready for the fair. In the same forest, there lived a competitive wolf. He wanted to participate and win every competition. He hatched a plan. The wolf went looking for a sheep’s coat and soon found one. He wore it quickly and ran to the fair. 

As he walked the ramp, a judge asked him to bleat a tune. The wolf “sang”. The audience laughed. The audience laughed harder. No matter how hard he tried, the only thing that came out of his mouth was “Aaooouuuu”.

The wolf was really heartbroken. He was leaving the stage when a sheep stopped him…

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