The 3 Qs for Holistic Development of a Child – Decoding NEP 2020

“Education cannot be effective unless it helps a child open up himself to life.” – Maria Montessori.

National Education Policy 2020 brings a ray of hope to the existing exam and marks-oriented education system. The rat race to simply pass or excel in exams by memorizing the concepts without developing subject-specific and vocational skills, is the prime reason for the ever-increasing educated unemployment.

NEP 2020, aims to achieve development of the three prominent quotients in every child – the 3 Qs for Holistic Development of a child – IQ, EQ and AQ.

Holistic Development of a Child = IQ + EQ + AQ

If implemented well, NEP 2020 within a decade, would be successful in creating holistic beings, instead of over-pampered, emotionally confused/ broken or risk-averse young adults.  With the pandemic, we have learnt the inefficaciousness of our education system.  The future scenario may bring jobs, career options quite different from the present, thus presenting the need of the hour for revamping education through competency building for the new global citizens from India.





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