Let’s Be Positive

What conclusion can be drawn from this?

Now, here is an activity for “Educators”

Given below are rude reactions we hear ourselves using in classrooms. Let us rephrase our angry interjections to positive corrections. Our intent is to get the best out of a child, isn’t it?

* You are irresponsible. I am disappointed that you have not made the chart. Your class expected you to complete it by this morning.

* You are always late.

* Can’t you sit in one place?

* Why are you loitering in the campus?

* You are always like this.

* What’s wrong with you, is this the way to do it?

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Ahimsa Silk: Silk with a Soul

It’s possible to wear the gossamer fabric that people call silk without a prick in the conscience. A Hyderabad-based textile technocrat Mr Kusuma Rajaiah has researched and developed an innovative way of making silk that does not involve the merciless killing of thousands of silkworms.

The Ahimsa silk, as Mr Rajaiah calls his silk is made by harnessing silk filaments from broken cocoons after the silk moths have flown away by piercing them at maturity. “The silk obtained involves no ‘himsa’ or violence and is thus called ‘ahimsa’ silk.” explains Mr. Rajaiah. It is named Ahimsa silk as a homage to Mahatma Gandhi, who had once asked the Silk Board to probe ways of developing silk without killing the insects.

This silk fabric is less shining than the traditional silk. But it is a lot softer and is more comfortable to wear as it has a better fall and air permeability. Mr. Rajaiah, who holds a patent for producing this innovative silk, developed the product and the technique after a decade-long painstaking research that began in 1991.

A chance meeting with then first lady President R Venkataraman’s wife, Ms Janaki Venkataraman in 1991 set him along the path. During a visit to the AP Silk Board, where Rajaiah was a technical officer, she asked for a silk sari that had been made without the destruction of silk moths. She returned empty-handed but not without sparking a thought process in the technocrat who went on to develop the unique silk.

It took Rajaiah about 11-12 years to develop the technique and another four years to acquire a patent for producing the Ahimsa silk from the silkmoth Bombyx mori. This soulful fabric has been received well by thousands of animal lovers across the world – most prominently, the seers of Kancheepuram who shunned silk for its violent methods of production accepted the Ahimsa silk.

For his path breaking research and development, Rajaiah has been recognized and commended worldwide by several industrial and social institutions. His runs his business on a small scale and manages to produce up to 1000m of silk yarn a month. He will be travelling to the United States in May 2014 to receive an International Quality Summit award along with business representatives from 73 other countries, who have made a mark in their respective fields.

To meet such a follower of Gandhiji, who has scrupulously lived and abided by the Mahatma’s principles, is a rare privilege. We at Ratna Sagar, were indeed delighted to meet Mr Rajaiah, when he came to meet us at our Delhi office on March 13. His modesty and humility was not only touching but an exercise in learning for many a youngster like us, who tend to take pride in small achievements.

To know more about Mr Rajaiah and his achievements you may log on to www.ahimsasilks.com

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Book Review – A School Counsellor Casebook

The review of our book ‘A School Counsellor Casebook’ was published in Teacher Plus dated 1 March 2014.

Please visit this link to go through the review.

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Our Authors’ Interviews

Our authors were interviewed by the Hindustan Times crew at our stall during the World Book Fair 2014. These interviews were published in HT School Edition dated 4 March.

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8 March. Let us all pledge to condemn injustice against women, violence against women and female infanticide.

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World Book Fair 2014 Glimpses

Please visit this link to see the photos of daily events and happenings at our stall

which gained an overwhelming response.

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My Special Teacher

We have all had a teacher who we will always remember. This teacher taught us something that made a difference in our lives.

Share with us

  • what you learnt from that teacher
  • how that teacher was different

We at Ratna Sagar are committed to empowering teachers with the best, so that our children learn the best. We salute the gurus who show us the light.

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Ratna Sagar feels proud to be the publishers of Padma Awardees

Mr Ruskin Bond is conferred with Padma Bhushan. Ms Manorama Jafa and Mr Keki N Daruwalla are conferred with Padma Shri.

A treat for poetry lovers! Those who would love to meet Mr Ruskin Bond, please visit our Stall (# 63, Hall 11) on the first day of the World Book Fair ie 15 February 2014. See you there!

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Seminar on Parenting

Ratna Sagar is organising a Seminar on Parenting on 2 Feb 2014, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at Allenhouse Public School, Ghaziabad. Mr Rishabh Khanna will be conducting the seminar. All parents are invited to become a part of this event.

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Indian Army Day

Ratna Sagar salutes the martyrs who gave up their today for our tomorrow. Indian Army Day is celebrated in India on 15 January every year, in recognition of Lieutenant General K. M. Cariappa who took over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army in 1948 on this date.

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