Would you empathize with students who made the following remarks?

– I loved history because my teacher told us many stories.
– I hated history because my teacher made us read out from the book.
– I hated physics because I always got all my readings wrong.
– I loved chemistry because my teacher made it easy for us to remember symbols and their valencies and how to write formulae very easily.
– I loved geography because my teacher used maps, charts and models.
– I hated maths because my teacher said that it was not enough that I was good in English.
– I loved my PT classes because my teacher encouraged my interest in swimming.

What do children want?

They definitely want to

– learn new things – facts, concepts, how to do something.
– understand why they are learning something.
– be taught in a way that they can learn.
– to learn where they are wrong and tips on how to avoid them.
– engage multiple senses and skills in learning.
– listen, see, hear, touch, read, write, practise, do, create.
– be encouraged and be accepted as they are.

Let’s keep this in mind – Children love to learn, but hate to be taught!