An essence of NEP 2020.

We all know that ‘Right to Education’ is a fundamental right and every child in this country has the right to go to school, learn, develop skills, Educate himself or herself and become whomever she or he wants to become.  But the opportunity to do so seems limited in places in the country. If opportunities are given to every child regardless of having disadvantage Socially and Economically, the fundamental right of Education can be fulfilled. 

In New Education Policy, apart from the focus on Competency based Education, focus on Languages, focus on Integrated and Blended Learning, focus is also given for Socio – Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs). SEDGs is being broadly categorized based on –

  • Gender Identities
  • Socio-Cultural Identities
  • Geographical Identities
  • Disabilities
  • Socio-Economic Conditions

According to NEP 2020 Separate strategies will be formulated for focused attention for reducing each of the  category-wise gaps in school education.

Strategies to Ensure Equity, Gender sensitivity and Equality, Supporting children with special needs, Integrating Vocational Education at all levels have been formulated in NEP 2020 to make sure that no child is deprived the Right to Learn equally amongst every other Child.

 As much as it very welcoming, we are in a place where a policy have to framed and a law has to imposed to achieve a fundamental right. To get this right every Educator, Schools and Institutions, Education Platforms (Online / Offline) should incorporate the above essence of NEP 2020 and should have strategies and framework to achieve it. Not only the above mentioned groups, every individual human should incept the thought. Only then the goal can be achieved.