10 lines on junk food

Food is an important energy source for our body. It makes us stronger. We consume foods that may not be good for our health sometimes. Such foods include pizzas, burgers, noodles, chips, cookies, sodas, candies and other junk foods. Junk foods taste delicious, but they lack important nutrients which give us energy. Eating too much junk food can make one feel lazy and sleepy all the time. These foods don’t digest easily. A lot of junk food has high sugar. It has a high salt content. Healthy options are important for keeping our bodies healthy. Including a Balanced diet in our meals makes us stronger. Let us learn more about junk foods from our set of 10 lines on junk food.

10 Lines on Junk Food 

  1. Junk food refers to unhealthy foods that are highly processed and lack much nutrition.
  2. These foods are often high in fats, sugar, and salt. 
  3. They lack essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. 
  4. Examples of junk food include pizza, burgers, noodles, and crisps.
  5. They may taste good but junk food can harm our well-being.
  6. Consuming too much junk food can lead to serious health problems.
  7. The intake of junk foods should be limited
  8. Junk food should be replaced with fruits, veggies, and healthier snacks like nuts and yoghurt. 
  9. One should choose water, milk, or natural juices over sugary drinks for better health.
  10.  Regular exercise and wise food choices are key to a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Junk Food

Q-1 What is “junk food”?

Junk food refers to highly processed and low-nutrient foods like chips, candies, sugary snacks, and fast food.

 Q-2 Are there healthier alternatives to junk food snacks?

Absolutely! Alternatives like fruits, nuts, yoghurt, or whole-grain snacks are healthier options.

Q-3 How can we avoid consuming junk food?

Replace junk food with healthier options, pre-plan your meals, and increase awareness of nutritional choices to break the habit.

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